GlobSearch is an extension for Unity® that allows searching the scene hierarchy using glob patterns and paths.

Use wildcards when searching by name: "My*Object"

Filter results by specifying a path: "/MainGameObject/My*Object"


Download the latest version here

Import GlobSearch into your Unity® project. This makes a new window, called "GlobSearch", available under "Window > GlobSearch". Open this window to use GlobSearch.

Start typing a query in the search field.

If "Live search" is enabled, GlobSearch will search as you type a query. Otherwise you can press ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard or press the "Search" button.



Before parsing the path part patterns, braced sections are expanded into a set. Braced sections start with { and end with }, with any number of comma-delimited sections within. Braced sections may contain slash characters, so a{/b/c,bcd} would expand into a/b/c and abcd.

The following characters have special magic meaning when used in a path portion:



1) Explanation of search patterns borrowed from node-glob.